A Matter of Balance: Superior HealthPlan Training for Prospera Staff

Superior HealthPlan is providing master training to Prospera Resident Service Managers throughout South Texas called A Matter of Balance (MOB). A Matter of Balance (MOB) is an evidence-based falls management program for older adults. The 8-week structured group intervention program acknowledges the risk of falling but emphasizes practical coping strategies to reduce this fear. The goal of A Matter of Balance is to reduce fear of falling, stop the fear of falling cycle, and increase activity levels among community-dwelling older adults. Micah C. Smith, RN, Superior HealthPlan’s director of service coordination (Lubbock Office), stated “Superior HealthPlan continues to enjoy our unique partnership with Prospera. During our partnership brainstorming sessions, one of the main goals mentioned for the Prospera population was education. We believe this is an innovative solution that meets everyone’s needs. Most importantly, this benefits the people we serve in the environments in which they live on a highly personal and individualized level.”

Carmen Hancock, Prospera’s vice president of resident services, stated “Prospera is pleased to have the opportunity to partner with Superior HealthPlan in providing A Matter of Balance training. Having our Services Managers trained as coaches for the Matter of Balance curriculum allows them to provide this vital program to our nearly 800 residents who are 65+ years old, as well as leading classes for members of the surrounding communities who may benefit from the program.  Prospera has made a commitment to positively impact the Social Determinants of Health within our residents and surrounding community members.  The Matter of Balance program has the potential to affect not only health outcomes, but also to impact critical barriers such as isolation and independent living within older adults. We are proud to continue to offer programming that Improves Lives and Builds Communities.”

Once the training is completed, each Prospera Resident Service Manager will receive A Matter of Balance Coach certificate and can begin coaching A Matter of Balance classes to the residents at the properties.

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