Helping Our Communities Prosper One Impact at a Time

At PROSPERA, our commitment to enhance opportunities for personal and professional success is exhibited through a wide range of supportive services provided to residents and surrounding neighborhoods. Our Resident Services programs are developed by identifying high-value key performance indicators that ensure the services provided throughout our Community Learning Centers are of optimal quality, and demonstrate the positive effects of service-enriched housing. Many of our Centers were designed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as part of the national Neighborhood Networks program, meeting specified standards of excellence for their operations.

PROSPERA’s Resident Services Department is taking intentional steps towards addressing the internationally recognized concerns surrounding the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH). These are distinctive efforts that PROSPERA is instituting, over and above minimum standards, purposefully with the vision to positively impact the overall quality of life and well-being of the residents and communities we serve. Every aspect of our strategic planning is to cultivate positive elements of security, belonging, freedom, independence, moral values, healthy relationships, personal achievement, and recognition. The Resident Services program is available to all residents of the property, as well as providing resources, supports and assistance to any resident of the surrounding neighborhood and community who may be in need.

Using an initial assessment survey, our on-site Services Managers obtain baseline data for each community to tailor services around the following focus areas:

Adult Education & Development

Adult Education & Development

PROSPERA believes that a strong investment in adult education and development provides comprehensive opportunities to build an enhanced community, increase cultural diversity, and strengthen the economy. We strive to encourage self-endurance to motivate our adult residents to explore educational opportunities by promoting the value of long-term benefits including better jobs, increased wages, and an overall prosperous quality of life. Our Services Managers play a vital role in helping residents locate and enroll in appropriate adult programs and services available in our Community Learning Centers as per the needs and interests of the residents at each property as well as the resources available in the surrounding community.

Adult programs & services include, but are not limited to:
• GED Preparation
• ESL Classes
• Citizenship Classes
• Life Skills Classes
• Parenting Programs
• Financial Literacy and Budgeting
• Computer Literacy
• Home Ownership and Credit Counseling
• Job Fairs and Job Skills Training
• Online Employment Searches and Application Assistance
• Skills and Recreational Hobby Groups

    Health & Wellness

    Health & Wellness

    Our center programming promotes healthy living activities which lead to an overall healthier lifestyle. We partner with local community agencies to focus on the evolution of physical and emotional (mental) wellbeing. Such programs included are:

    • Food Bank Programs and Distribution
    • Nutrition Workshops
    • Cooking Workshops
    • Fitness Classes
    • Community Health Fairs
    • Health and Wellness Presentations
    • Fire Safety Prevention
      Economic Stability

      Economic Stability

      We believe that customized investments towards self sufficiency and fiscal growth for all families will lead them down a path towards success. We focus on providing avenues for our residents and community members to reach their economic goals through community connections which provide access to higher education, such as High School diplomas, GEDs, College or Vocational training; and supportive services that provide financial education, adult education, and employment preparations skills. We partner with local community agencies that provide assistance with:

      • Financial Literacy
      • Budgeting
      • Credit Counseling
      • Homebuyer Education
      • Parenting Classes
      • GED/ESL classes
      • ESL Classes
      • Citizenship Classes
        Youth Education and Development

        Youth Education and Development

        As a commitment to PROSPERA’s youth residents, we offer multiple programs designed to develop the future leaders of tomorrow that are customized per the needs of each community. We believe that healthy development of youth begins with the empowerment from adult mentoring, hands-on activities, and community service. We encourage a positive influence through powerful leaning experiences, and concrete skills and lessons. Our service-enriched communities offer Community Learning Centers that host youth programs focused of teaching self-discovery, individual growth, creative versatility, and qualities of leadership. Every aspect of our strategic planning is to cultivate positive elements of security, belonging, freedom, independence, moral values, healthy relationships, personal achievement, and recognition.

        Youth programs & services include, but & not limited to:
        • After-School Program
        • Scholastic Tutoring
        • Homework Assistance
        • Enrichment Activities
        • Youth Mentoring
        • Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts
        • Computer Literacy
        • National/Industry-Sponsored Art Competitions
        • Skills and Recreational Hobby Groups
        • Exposure to Educational Institutions and Opportunities
        • Arts and Crafts Instruction
        • Annual Youth Summer Camp
        • Explore College Day
        • Educational Field Trips
        • Organized Community Youth Sport Groups

          Community Engagement and Safety

          Community Engagement and Safety

          PROSPERA’s safe, high-quality, affordable housing promotes community interaction, positive neighbor relations, and access to available services and resources in the local community and within our Community Learning Centers. On-site Services Managers facilitate and execute resident-oriented activities with the goal of developing a cohesive community in partnership with local community agencies. Residents are able to engage in fundraising activities for both corporate-sponsored events and individual site use, allowing residents to feel pride in their commitment to the community. We execute annual National Night Out events to promote community safety while providing support to participating community organizations. We provide year-round seasonal festivities and celebrations, educational field trips, resident board and committee meetings, and various other events.

          Community Engagement Partners include, but are not limited to:
          • Food Bank of Corpus Christi
          • Food Bank of San Antonio
          • Workforce Solutions Alamo
          • Connections Individuals and Family Services
          • BCFS Health and Human Services
          • Texas A&M AGRILIFE Extension
          • SAMMinistries
          • Family Endeavors
          • Wells Fargo Bank
          • Agrilife Nutrition
          • The Minority Advancement Project
          • The Women’s Shelter of South Texas
          • Methodist Children’s Home – Family Outreach
          • Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation
          • Catholic Charities
          • Bexar County Department of Community Resources
          • Family Service Association
          • Goodwill Careers Academy
          • Habitat for Humanity

            Case Management & Social Services

            Case Management & Social Services

            Our on-site Services Managers offer referral services to recommend appropriate agencies that partner to aid a variety of assistance services, such as utility assistance, transportation assistance, notary public services, and
            much more. Our properties regularly assess the needs of each community to ensure we continue to offer the right services for our residents.

              Thorough case management and intensive follow-up assessments allow us to address the impact of the services and programs designed to fit the needs and interests of each community. Our goal is to assist families and individuals to achieve a greater quality of life by implementing services and programs that fall into three main categories of service:

              • Communities Prosper

              • Strengthening Through Education

              • Economic Stability


              The Prospera Commitment

              The cooperative efforts involved in facilitating many of the community activities represent the PROSPERA commitment to helping our residents and nonresidents alike achieve independence and a sense of contributing to their own success. Through mutual respect and united participation, more neighborhoods can be preserved, in more ways than one.

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