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OUR MISSION: PROSPERA provides safe, high-quality, affordable housing with support services to those in need.

PROSPERA was formed in 1993 to address the depleted availability of quality, affordable housing for low-income individuals and families, as well as seniors and persons with special needs. Prospera’s vision for restoring communities has resulted in a steady growth of opportunities for residents to succeed in many areas of life.

A 501c3 nonprofit organization, PROSPERA began its efforts by first acquiring multi-family properties that were designated for removal from the affordable housing market. Complementing its diverse housing options with a variety of educational, lifestyle, and social services, PROSPERA has seen numerous residents and members of surrounding neighborhoods achieve both personal and professional goals through the stability afforded by this comprehensive approach.

PROSPERA Housing Community Services is an experienced organization building and operating supportive housing across South and Central Texas. We’ve been empowering families for over 25 years by providing safe, high-quality, affordable housing with support services.

Our supportive housing provides a starting point for pursuing goals, fulfilling dreams, restoring spirit, and building self-endurance – all leading to a brighter outlook. PROSPERA is a proven business model, an enduring institution, and a fulfilled commitment to provide quality housing.

As was the mission of our founders, we’re here for our residents who aspire to rent affordable, secure homes by maximizing life-stabilizing, transformational services.

PROSPERA, led by a seasoned management team, has proven to be an excellent community partner positively impacting employers, schools, residents, and commerce in our municipalities.

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A Place To Call Home

In 1997, PROSPERA acquired Wedge Management, Inc., a property management company, and also maintains one-third ownership in the National Housing Management Corporation (NHMC), a low-income housing management firm.

From the civic and community-minded handful of individuals who comprised the organization’s initial efforts, PROSPERA has grown to restore over 49 properties in 18 cities throughout South and Central Texas, providing a place to call home for thousands of residents. There are always plans on the horizon to expand the area of focus to make even more homes available to more people.


What We Do

Property Management

With our mission focused on service-oriented housing, PROSPERA in 1997 acquired a property management company now known as PROSPERA Property Management. This all-encompassing approach to quality, affordable housing ensures that PROSPERA communities meet all company maintenance and repair standards as well as comply with all standards designated by local, state and federal regulatory agencies.

Property Development

PROSPERA Housing Community Services’ role in property development is two-fold – acquisition/rehab and new construction.  We primarily acquire existing multifamily housing communities that are at risk of being removed from the affordable housing market and subsequently renovate properties as needed to maintain its availability for low to lower-income individuals and families earning less than 50% of the area median income.

Through a variety of traditional and alternative funding sources, PROSPERA properties are renewed and restored to provide a place to call home for thousands of residents while additionally contributing to the preservation of the neighborhoods.

PROSPERA, led by a seasoned management team, has proven to be an excellent community partner positively impacting employers, schools, residents and commerce in our municipalities.

Resident Services

The PROSPERA commitment of enriching and preserving quality of life for our residents extend beyond the provision of a secure home environment. Most PROSPERA properties have Resident Services Managers who coordinate and facilitate a number of supportive programs designed to address Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) and promote overall quality of life and well-being in addition to cultivating positive elements of security, belonging, freedom, independence, moral values, healthy relationships, personal achievement, and recognition.

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