Prospera’s Impact in the Community

With your financial help, we can continue to provide free onsite programs and services to all our residents and neighboring community residents year around. Your action and generosity are needed now.

During 2022, Prospera’s Resident Services Department provided the following resources for residents living across South Texas:

  • Assisted 764 low-income families with over $377,450 in rental and utility financial assistance to maintain safe, secure housing and reduce potential eviction. Our employment readiness program provided 1,722 unduplicated Adult Education services and 409 one-on-one Employment Readiness counseling sessions with access to workforce training sessions and educational opportunities (GED and ESL classes) toward creating stronger economic stability for Prospera residents, families, and the surrounding communities.
  • Promoted health/wellness and addressed food insecurity concerns to over 6,500 individuals by providing over 65,000 meals, produce boxes, and other food resources. Performed over 24,200 wellness checks and outreach services to monitor the health, safety, and welfare of residents and community members.
  • Offered higher education prep sessions for college and trade schools to over 100 individuals (youth ages 14-18 and their parents) to help improve youth development and educational opportunities for the future generation. Provided 2,536 sessions of after-school program and/or scholastic tutoring sessions across the Prospera portfolio to over 330 youth residents.

Prospera Resident Services’ provides robust support services that focus on Social Determinant of Health (SDOH) (where we live, grow, play, and work) by providing programs that focus on creating a safe neighborhood, health/healthcare access, educational pursuits opportunities, the potential for economic stability and community engagement. We are helping residents and communities become stronger and more resilient.  But we need your help!

By providing a one-time gift, your donation will go towards the continuation of programs and services to help youth and adult residents living at or near a Prospera apartment community. Prospera is not just for the onsite residents, we believe in helping the community that we live in. We want to be a part of the solution to helping all lower-income communities become healthier and more productive.

What your gift can do now and throughout the year:

$50 for transportation/bus voucher for one resident.

$60-$100 for one month educational supplies for one afterschool program.

$100 for one month supplies of food and snacks for youth afterschool program.

$150 for restocking one onsite food pantry for a month to help families with food insecurities.

$150 for warmth and electricity (utilities) in a family of four’s home for one month.

$200 towards resident medical emergency fund (broken eyewear, broken dentures, medications, etc.)

$300 for college preparedness study materials at our Higher Education Exploration events.

$300 for transportation for senior residents to attend a local cultural event.

$400 for back to school backpacks and supplies for youth at one apartment community.

$500 for safe and secure housing (eviction prevention) for a family of four for one month.

Paying by Check? Checks payable to Prospera HCS, memo line: Resident Services. Please send your donation to: Prospera Housing Community Services, 3419 Nacogdoches Road, San Antonio, Texas 78217-3377.

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We appreciate your support and together we can make a difference in creating stronger and more resilient communities and improving lives through safe, high-quality affordable housing across South and Central Texas.

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