Working Together Is Success.

An twelve-member Board of Directors governs PROSPERA to ensure advancement of our mission to provide service-oriented, quality housing. Each property has a designated five-member board that includes two residents, so they can participate in the decision-making processes directly affecting their community and provide a voice for their neighbors.


Carole O. Bufler
Gloria B. Flores
Charles Glenn
Dadiri Jama
Gen. Angela Salinas
Alicia Thomas, Ph.D.
Rafael I. Torres
John Valls



Chair– Darrell Deming
Vice Chair – Anita M. Remerowski, M.D.
Secretary – Nancy L. Hard
Treasurer/Assistant Secretary – Perry L. Deckard

Non-Voting Director, Member

Gilbert M. Piette

Emeritus Status Member

Joan Cortinas
Ernestine Trujillo

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