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Stories of Prospera


During the COVID-19 global pandemic, Prospera worked with UTSA Honors College during their 2020 8-week summer session to collect the stories of San Antonio residents living at Prospera properties and Prospera Resident Service Managers on how they are coping with changes, adjusting to the “new normal,” finding support and hope along the way through family, friends, and community.

Due to the CDC precautions with COVID-19, UTSA Honors College students interviewed and collected the stories via phone, Zoom video, or FaceTime recordings so the listener may hear some background noises (children, connectivity issues, etc.). Below you will hear the highlights of the interviewees’ stories. During this project, we discovered that together we have more commonalities than differences.

This project could not have been possible without the collaborative efforts of the UTSA Honors College.

Thank you to K. Jill Fleuriet, Ph.D., Acting Dean of the Honors College, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology and Amy Hauck, UTSA Honors College Lecturer, for welcoming the project ideas with open hearts and minds. Also thank you to the students of UTSA’s Honor College Service-Learning Course Home in the Time of COVID-19: Housing and Opportunity in San Antonio, who scheduled, collected, and professionally edited the stories.

And finally, thank you to the residents, Prospera Resident Service Managers, and Prospera Regional Service Managers who were willing to share their stories during the summer months (July-August 2020) of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Together, we are improving lives and building communities of hope and resiliency for tomorrow.

To listen to the clips below, click on the image of the interview you would like to hear.

We are tentatively scheduled to continue this project again in Spring 2022 with UTSA Honors College.

Since March 25, Prospera’s Resident Services Department has assisted over 1,700 families with Eviction Prevention, provided food assistance to over 7,000 people on 54,200 occasions, and conducted over 25,500 Wellness checks and Outreach services.

If we stay together, we can move forward together…

Veronica C., a Prospera resident, is a hardworking, determined, loving mother of four who shares her experience of raising children […]

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Being able to empower the residents to get through these hard times has really solidified my life’s calling…

Nohemi, a Prospera Resident Services Manager, is at the front lines of assisting residents during a global pandemic. Nohemi discusses […]

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I just appreciate a lot more than I used to…just a lot of things that you just took for granted…

Six months since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, turning our world’s and our homes upside down. Everyone had […]

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I believe that after this experience, we may come to a place of unity, hope, freedom, kindness and positive social change…

Veronica A., a Regional Services Manager, shares what Prospera provides, plus some specific areas of assistance provided especially during these […]

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I always think that if things get hard, eventually it’ll get better…

Jessica, a Prospera resident and young mother of two, shares her experience navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and her past struggles […]

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“I am so thankful that you called. I didn’t think anybody would call or think of me”…

Dena, a Resident Services Manager for Prospera, discusses the impacts COVID-19 has had on her duties and her residents’ living […]

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The only thing that I could possibly say is to not take anything for granted…

Sylvia, a Prospera resident, talk about her unique perceptions of the COVID-19 pandemic as a person living with blindness. Sylvia […]

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We’ll continue the good fight…

Shawn, a Prospera Regional Manager, discusses how the Coronavirus pandemic has changed his own work-life balance. Prospera’s culture of giving […]

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