Prospera Housing Community Services Receives Grant Funding to Help Change the Narrative about Affordable Housing

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS (February 13, 2020) – Housing and Community Services, dba Prospera Housing Community Services, announces that they are the sole recipient of the recently awarded Narrative Change Technical Assistance Grant, a grant from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Tracking Fund of the San Antonio Area Foundation. Through the Narrative Change Technical Assistance Grant Prospera will receive consultation work from We Are Rally, Inc, an issues-driven communications firm, to develop and executive a narrative change campaign focused on affordable housing in San Antonio, Texas.

“We must begin to look at the issues of access to affordable housing and homelessness as interconnected, systemic issues and begin developing responses across the systems,” says Scott Ackerson, Executive Vice President of Strategic Relationships and Services. “Specifically, we must begin to find new and innovative means of increasing the production of affordable housing to keep in step with demands. ‘The market’ left to its own devises, cannot solve the issue of affordable housing access. Our work with Rally will give us the tools to educate and advocate for this much needed resource in our community.”

“We are grateful to the H. E. Butt Foundation and the San Antonio Area Foundation for the opportunity to work with the Prospera team to better shape the conversation around affordable housing and address this systemic challenge in San Antonio and beyond,” says Hillary Moglen, Principal at RALLY. “At RALLY, we are deeply committed to addressing homelessness and affordable housing and are proud to work on the issue in the three largest cities on the West Coast. We hope that working with Prospera will not only help create the upstream prevention that’s needed locally but illuminate new thinking and insights nationally.”

“We recognize the importance of sharing stories of impact and are excited to help Prospera change the narrative around the topic of housing in our community. Stories create connection, and connection creates change,” said Marjie M. French, CEO of the San Antonio Area Foundation.

Prospera believes the Narrative Change Technical Assistance Grant has the potential to expand the conversation regarding how San Antonio approaches affordable housing for its residents moving forward.

For more information about the grant award, contact Rachel Halvaksz at (210) 821-4300 or Scott Ackerson at (210) 385-0892.

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