The Fight of a Veteran

A Once Homeless Veteran, Now a Thriving Member in His Community


PROSPERA has worked to support the lives of individuals, families, and neighborhoods for nearly 25 years. We have come a long way since 1993, and now we have a long and proud heritage of helping individuals and residents. One example of such individual is Mr. Frederick Lewis who has overcome incarceration, homelessness, and poverty with the strength of PROSPERA.

Mr. Lewis lived a good Christian life, enjoying his youth and serving his country from 1974 to 1977. After honorably leaving the military, Mr. Lewis fell in with the “wrong crowd” and slept on a different bed every night, for 15 years. Feeling he had no real purpose in life led to a six month incarceration for drug trafficking. In 1997, Mr. Lewis moved to San Antonio and lived in and out of shelters, under bridges, and on park benches until the winter of 2014.

While staying at the SAMM shelter, Mr. Lewis was led to PROSPERA. With the management’s assistance and referrals from other veterans’ agencies, he was rapidly moved into a PROSPERA home, Montabella Pointe Apartments. While residing at Montabella Pointe Apartments, Mr. Lewis gained the strength, protection, and confidence to move forward with his life, quickly securing a job as a security guard.

“I am truly humbled by the way everyone at PROSPERA went out of their way to get me into my home, helped me gain employment, continued to offer me help in the Business Center, checked on me when they hadn’t seen me for a few days, and always made sure I was at my best,” states Mr. Lewis. With renewed confidence, Mr. Lewis takes pride in being part of the Montabella Pointe Community. He participates in events such as educational workshops, holiday meals, Valentine’s Day dances, and hosting the Bingo Club. Through PROSPERA, Mr. Frederick Lewis is now a flourishing member of the community.

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