The Heart of a Service Manager

The Heart of a Service Manager


After nearly a quarter century of improving lives and building communities, PROSPERA’s employees remain dedicated and passionate about their company’s mission. Christen Branch, a service manager for the youth at Oak Manor Apartments, has been bringing unity to this residential community since 2006.

Ms. Branch is responsible for numerous future leaders and community residents during the After-School Program. “I have gained knowledge from various members of our organization; they give more than just there time. I am truly blessed. As a group, we ‘Serve by Faith’ and we all work very hard to ensure our residents get the most out of their time with our organization. The work we do shows in the lives we change and you see it most in the faces of our youth,” states Mrs. Branch.

Through hard work and dedication, Ms. Branch has tackled countless projects helping the company to grow. The room for growth is insurmountable, and Ms. Branch is eager to see where the road takes PROSPERA.



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