Who is truly served by affordable housing? Meet the Medinas.

August 31, 2021
News Source: San Antonio Heron
By: Maggie Ryan

Cora Medina, 41, lives with three of her children at the Terraces at Haven for Hope, a low-income apartment complex right across from San Antonio’s homeless shelter. She’s an upbeat woman, laughing and smiling as she and her children greet me in their apartment on a recent summer afternoon. She’s stable—but maybe not in the traditional sense. She receives government assistance to buy groceries and get healthcare. The apartment she lives in is subsidized by a federal housing program, which allows her to pay a lower rent. It has also allowed her to find her footing in life.

“I’m not worried,” Medina says. “I am so content with my life right now. And Covid’s coming around again; it’s not that I’m not stressed about it, but everything happens for a reason, and I’m good. At the end of my day I’m good. And the Bible says it’s for your good, and I believe that.”…read more…

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