Community Comes Together to Help Prospera’s Harrison Manor During Rio Grande Valley’s Great June Flood II

On June 24th, rain began falling in the late afternoon and continued into the evening of the Rio Grande Valley. For many residents, it felt like déjà vu of a similar storm from the previous year. In six hours, over a foot of rain fell with some areas peaking at 15 inches. The National Weather Service named this weather occurrence the “Great June Flood II.”

In Harlingen, Prospera’s property, Harrison Manor Apartments, experienced flash flooding where 26 apartment units received 4″-12” of flood water within their first-floor apartments. Residents from all 26 units were evacuated to safer, drier areas. Some stayed with families, some were relocated to Prospera sister properties, and some were placed at nearby properties.  As the properties are dried out, cleaned, and restored, the local community came forward to help Prospera residents. Faith Pleases God Church donated 2500+ lbs of food to the displaced residents. First Baptist Church/American Red Cross provided cleaning supplies for residents to wash and clean their household and personal belongings. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints provided 20 volunteers to assist residents with moving out of their apartments. Methodist Health Care Ministries’ Wesley Nurse has provided hygiene packets for residents, additional cleaning supplies, clothing, and continues to provide additional items (mattress, box springs, etc.)

Cayetano Ovalle, Regional Service Manager, states “Prospera’s partnerships are essential in helping us fulfill our mission. Having these local partnerships reminds us that Prospera continues to have community support, not just for the organization but most importantly, for our residents as well.”

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