I just appreciate a lot more than I used to…just a lot of things that you just took for granted…

Six months since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, turning our world’s and our homes upside down. Everyone had a lot of adjusting to do and with that came some challenges on how to handle “the new normal.” Roxanne, a Prospera resident, is a hard-working single mother who talks about her new normal in the place she’s always called “home.”

Roxanne talks with Jayla about how the COVID-19 pandemic has caused big changes in her life, like the new risks and challenges of working two jobs while keeping her and her four boys safe and healthy.

Interviewer: Jayla Hatcher, UTSA Class of 2021, Public Health/Anthropology/Sociology
Interviewee: Roxanne R., Resident, Las Palmas Garden Apartments
Medium: Facetime call
Interview recorded on July 21, 2020.