President & Chief Executive Officer


  • Corporate Office – San Antonio, TX

The Position:

Gil Piette, Executive Director and CEO of Prospera Housing Community Services (Prospera) since 2008, has announced his retirement in 2022, necessitating this search for a new President and CEO. The CEO will be responsible for the overall strategic leadership and management of Prospera and its affiliates. The CEO reports to the Board of Directors and with the Chairman of the Board, ensures the Board of Directors fulfills its governance function and facilitates the interaction between the organization’s management. Furthermore, the CEO provides leadership in formulating and implementing Prospera’s philosophy, mission, strategies, and goals.


The key direct reports to the CEO include Scott Ackerson, Executive Vice President of Strategic Relationships, Ryan Sweeney, Executive Vice President Operations, Jacque Woodring, Executive Vice President of Growth, and the Executive Vice President of Administration (vacant). The full complement of staff on the Prospera platform is just over two hundred employees.


Prospera has eleven members of the Board of Directors. In addition, there are two affiliated entities, Prospera Property Management and National Housing Management Corp, each with a respective Board of Directors.



Strategic Leadership

▪ Direct the strategic planning process in collaboration with the Board of Directors and the Management Team to set the vision for Prospera. The CEO drives the organization’s growth, innovation, long-term sustainability, and community impact goals. The new CEO will have the opportunity to work with the Board of Directors and staff to further execute organizational design changes that were implemented in 2020 to create a strong platform for sustainability and growth for the organization.

▪ Deliver “integrated leadership” in which the CEO is connected internally with the team and its work, while outwardly facing with potential partners and industry leaders.

▪ Provide agile and nimble direction on business-related decisions, including potential joint ventures, acquisitions, and development opportunities.

▪ Demonstrate Prospera’s commitment to equity and inclusion both internally and in the implementation of its mission and work.

▪ Advance innovative ideas that will provide opportunities for the organization and its leadership to become externally recognized as the premier housing developer in Central and South Texas.

Management and Operations

▪ Motivate and inspire Prospera’s high-performing team providing leadership, training, and mentoring to the staff.

▪ Attract, retain, and reward best-in-class talent to continue to strengthen Prospera’s growth. Coalesce and lead multi-dimensional and diverse executive and managerial teams to achieve success.

▪ Provide oversight of all the financial affairs of Prospera, including the annual operating budget, annual financial audit, asset management, and overall financial strength.

▪ Operate in an environment of transparency, both internally and externally, and inspire participation and cooperation.

▪ Encourage and foster collaboration across divisions and departments that results in improved individual and organizational performance.

▪ Facilitate the investment in and use of technologies to advance resident outcomes and job satisfaction of the staff.

Community Advocacy and Industry Leadership

▪ Increase the visibility and presence of the organization in the affordable housing and real estate industries at the local, state, and national levels to bring credibility, contacts, and business opportunities to Prospera. Maintain a leadership position in the affordable housing sector and create new ways to address the systemic issues of housing, homelessness and services, and supports needed for low-income individuals and families in Central and Southern Texas to thrive.

▪ In partnership with the Board of Directors and internal team members, continue to build an expanded network of financial supporters and partners from the public and private sectors. The goal of Prospera’s continuous fundraising is focused on enhancing and expanding investment in resident services, homeownership programs, and innovations that contribute to the health and well-being of its residents and the communities where their properties are located. Additional partnerships with the healthcare sector play an important role in the future of Prospera.

▪ Actively pursue and establish partnerships with public sector agencies, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations to leverage resources and increase the impact and outcomes beyond what each group can achieve independently.

▪ Develop relationships with local, state, and federal government leaders, and elected officials to influence and stay ahead of policy changes that impact the affordable housing industry and the residents it serves, forging strategic pathways for Prospera to continue strong development and acquisition activity within the context of significant paradigm and industry shifts.

Candidate Qualifications and Experience

Experience: 10 years of progressive management and leadership experience, five years of which should include executive leadership and working with a Board of Directors, and complex financial budgets, and assets. Broad familiarity with the affordable housing industry required.

Education: An undergraduate degree is required. An MBA or other advanced degree in business, public administration, finance, urban planning, or related to real estate is desirable but not a perquisite.

Language: Fluency in English is required. Fluency in written and spoken Spanish language is highly desirable.


Professional Experience

A combination of the following experience and characteristics is sought for this position:

▪ Solid strategic thinker who will focus on the big picture and engage with staff on operational and technical matters.

▪ Demonstrated leadership of an organization through the participatory style of decision-making to determine, prioritize, and manage the tactics required to achieve the organization’s strategic initiatives.

▪ Business and financial acumen with economic and accounting principles, financial management, analysis, and reporting.

▪ Experience or an understanding of structured transactions utilizing various capital sources and relationships for affordable housing or low-income communities.

▪ Demonstrated success in fundraising for an organization or the ability to expand resource development. Expand the existing network of financial supporters and partners from the public and private sectors.

▪ Management expertise and fiduciary perspective to manage and lead the overall business enterprise with a long-term perspective on the business; three to five years of experience is required in developing and managing complex budgets and financial assets.

▪ Demonstrated experience with creating pathways for education and embrace of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion opportunities and challenges across an organization.

▪ Demonstrated leadership around policy issues at the local, regional, and national level that impact the affordable housing, healthcare, and community development space. Harness local assets and political opportunities to create new resources and methods for impact.

▪ Demonstrated experience with nonprofits (either in a professional role or in a volunteer Board capacity), with an emphasis on organizations that benefit low-income populations.

▪ Familiarity with political structures and community dynamics, empowerment models.

Personal Attributes

▪ Deep embrace and support of the organizational mission, culture, and values such as curiosity, respect, resourcefulness, and integrity. Commitment to best-in-class approaches and identification with the social mission and the outcomes Prospera’s work promotes.

▪ Exceptional interpersonal skills that foster effective working relationships with a diverse group in political and community environments. Is as comfortable in the board room, with the press, or at the statehouse, while also serving the Prospera residents and other community members.

▪ Energetic ambassador who is empathetic, approachable, and can persuade and influence internal and external constituents to catalyze action.

▪ Creative thinker who is not afraid to present new ideas around programming, fundraising, financing, and leadership and will inspire others to pursue new opportunities.

▪ Proactive, energetic leader who has demonstrated success in coalescing and leading multi-dimensional communities and harnessing new opportunities.

▪ Operates with high integrity and consistency, setting a tone for a highly effective organizational culture. Brings strong coaching and mentoring skills to further develop a great bench of future leaders. Demonstrated experience in managing change and having difficult conversations, if necessary, for the health of the organizational culture.

▪ Highly developed listening, written, and oral communication skills with an ability to articulate a clear and compelling vision and make effective presentations on complex topics.

▪ Compassionate leader who enjoys working with people in many different roles and places in life.

▪ Understanding of regional dynamics in various Texas markets and community development practices, political structures, and community decision-making structures.

▪ Ability to bring a business rigor and sense of urgency and willingness to advance new ideas that will push the organization forward in advancing and expanding its mission.

Candidates of diverse background and with diverse experience are strongly encouraged to apply for this position.

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