Palms at Leopard Grand Opening – Lorenzo Knowles Community Learning Center

Mr. Lorenzo Knowles – Biography

Mr. Lorenzo Knowles is a thoughtful, generous, and passionate man.  He is an Army Veteran who’s dedicated his life to bettering the well-being of others. His wife of 20 years has been instrumental in his success as she supports him throughout his journey of helping others.

He began his journey with Housing and Community Services, Inc. (HCS) as an annual volunteer at North Side Manor Apartments, serving meals and providing support to the residents.  It was March of 2006 when he officially came on board with the organization, and has since then transformed the lives of many resident families, children, and the community.  Mr. Knowles’ legacy is left with the children; one of his biggest achievements is the development of the After School Program, where he distributes hot meals to every child through the Kids Café program, helps them gain a better education, and provides guidance to them during tough times.  His commitments are not limited to the property he works at; he plays a large role in the community, partnering with multiple community organizations and agencies to bring donations, programs, and events to families in need of assistance.

In conclusion, every little or big thing Mr. Knowles has done for the community and the families within has had a huge impact on their lives today.  We look forward to his ability to start this new property, Palms at Leopard, off with the same momentum, opportunity, and success he’s brought to North Side Manor.

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