Working Together Is Success.

Prospera Board of Directors

A nineteen-member Board of Directors governs PROSPERA to ensure advancement of our mission to provide service-oriented, quality housing. Each property has a designated five-member board that includes two residents, so they can participate in the decision-making processes directly affecting their community and provide a voice for their neighbors.


Carole Bufler
Guadalupe Feregrino
Gloria Flores
Charles Glenn
Reatha Mae Gooden
Nancy Hard
Dadiri Jama
Azza Kamal, Ph.D.
Ryan Sweeney
Lamont Taylor
Alicia Thomas, Ph.D.
Rafael I. Torres
Shawne Zakaria


Chair– Perry Deckard
Vice Chair– Angela Salinas
Secretary – Anita Remerowski, M.D.
Treasurer/Assistant Secretary – Darrell Deming

Non-Voting Director, Member

Gilbert M. Piette

Emeritus Status Member

Ernestine Trujillo
Joan Cortinas

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